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At St Matthias we:

Aspire for every child to foster a deep appreciation for music and to develop their musical skills, confidence and understanding. Through music, we aim to empower children’s gifts to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Believe in the power of music to foster self-expression, cultural understanding and personal development. To nurture a love for music in all children, flourishing together to promote inclusivity and respect for all musical abilities and interests.

Achieve this through providing a creative and inclusive learning environment where every child feels inspired and excited about making and listening to music.

Inspiring music education:

At St Matthias, we follow the national curriculum for Music, ensuring that our teaching is aligned with the requirements set out by the Department for Education. We use Charanga's Music Scheme of Work as a guide to support our teachers with planning and assessment. This scheme provides a comprehensive and progressive curriculum that covers a wide range of musical skills, knowledge, and understanding.

Teaching and Learning:

Our music lessons are designed to be engaging, interactive, and enjoyable for all children. We utilise a variety of teaching strategies and resources to cater to different learning styles and abilities. Our teachers provide clear and structured lessons that enable children to develop their musical skills through practical activities. We encourage children to actively participate in singing, playing instruments, composing, and listening to music.

Pupil Achievement:

Through our comprehensive Music curriculum and engaging teaching approaches, we aim to foster a love for music in all children and help them achieve their full musical potential. We track and assess children's progress regularly, providing feedback and support to ensure they are continuously improving their skills and knowledge. We celebrate and recognise children's achievements in music, both within the school community and beyond.