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Class Teachers: Autumn Term 2021

During the rest of this term current class teachers will be assessing the children, completing the teaching and learning and writing their school reports ready to hand to you in July.

They will also be liaising with the next class teacher and making time for them to meet and build relationships so your child knows who their teacher will be in September. We have also thought very creatively about how we can ensure a smooth transition in a COVID friendly way. Our proposal is that during the last two days of the academic year (19th and 20th July) each class will move up to their new teacher so they can experience the classroom, build relationships and have two days of wellbeing and team building. We feel that following the pandemic many children are anxious about change so ensuring that they have met and built the beginning of strong relationships is important. During the summer holidays you can then talk to your child about their new teacher. Don’t worry we will also be building in a time for them to say a ‘goodbye’ to their current teacher as I know many children build fond and secure relationships with their teachers over the year and saying goodbye is just as hard as saying hello to a new face. The bonus this year is that all our wonderful teachers are staying with us and there are no changes! I, for one, am thrilled about this!