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St Matthias

Church of England Primary School

Aspire Believe Achieve

Year Five and Year Six

Welcome to the Summer Term.


This term we will be looking at the book 

Wolves in the Walls

by Neil Gaiman


Image result for the wolves in the walls


We will also be using other texts to support our learning:

The Wolves of Currumpaw

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

Wolf Nation

Wolf Brother

The hidden life of wolves



Gloucester Mosque and Cathedral trip

Malvern Debate

Creative prayer

Creative prayer 1
Creative prayer 2
Creative prayer 3
Creative prayer 4

Dear God,

Thank you for love in the world.

Love has no end and  beginning for us. And for you.



Dear God,

Thank you for our love for our friends and family when they feel lonely, sad and lonely.



Dear God,

Thank you for our family who care and love for us and give us joy in our life. Thank you for our friends who play and care for us too.



Dear God,

Thank you for all the schools and communities. It helps children learn and it will help them to know things for their older life.



Dear God,

Thank you God for letting me, my family a good life. Please let us live like this in peace or the rest of our lives



Thank you God for food and drinks of all kinds. You have given it to me and my friends and family. Please carry on giving the whole world food.



Dear God, You will always be with us and love us. There will be a beginning and end.



Dear God,

Please help us to say sorry. Thank you for friends and family. Sorry for all the mistakes we have made.



I thank, that we have as much food and water to live. To help others which don't live like us. To say sorry for wasting it.



Marks and Spencer Volunteer week.

Marks and Spencer Volunteer week.  1
Marks and Spencer Volunteer week.  2
Marks and Spencer Volunteer week.  3
Marks and Spencer Volunteer week.  4

Parent Engagement The Letterpress project

Well dressing

Design and Technology - testing the movement

Design and Technology - Final design

Dragonfly Creations

Feedback from Y5 following BRWR visit to St Matthias C of E
Primary School –March 14th 2019

We asked “How do you feel after listening to our presentation About
the Syrian refugees, and taking part in the role play?”

Here are the responses.
 “I want more refugees to come to England, and I would like to
help them settle in”.
 “I feel emotional for those who have to leave grandparents
behind. I feel happy that we are helping.”
 “I felt nervous in their situation ( during role play) and felt I
had a bond with the people. It’s horrifying”
 I feel glad that some refugees are here-we need to find a safe
place for them to come. I didn’t know the Syrian situation is so
 “War isn’t the right answer-the teenagers probably just
thought they were cool, and didn’t mean to start a war”.
 “It made me think wars shouldn’t be a thing-people are dying
and leaving their families behind.
 “ I feel sorry for the people going through this. The teenagers
who wrote the slogans which started the war were still
children. They needed to learn how to behave, not be shot at”.
 “ I felt heartbroken-it made me think of other wars”.

Welcome to the Spring term in Year 5 and 6


Our Topic work this term is all from the book


The Wizard The Ugly and the Book of Shame

by Pablo Bernasconi

Image result for the wizard ugly

The children will be using the book to help them write character descriptions, dialogue and create suspense. They will also have the opportunity to  plan, write and edit a story based on the book. 

We will also be using other texts to help us with this magical work.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Haunters by Thomas Taylor

Spells by Emily Gravett

Once upon a map by BG Hennessy


These texts will help us improve our English skills and develop our skills across the curriculum.

Each year group will be planning a parent engagement on the work from this book. The dates of these will be posted in the weekly newsletter.


Year 5 will be inviting the parents to help create a textile Chancery. This work will encourage the children to design, create and evaluate a piece of Art through using fabric.  




Curriculum overview - Year 5 Spring 

The Wizard, The Ugly and The Book of Shame.

Year 5 Spring Term 

For the last two weeks of the Spring Term, Year 5 will be learning all about the Anglo Saxons. We had a very exciting start to the topic through our visit to Bishops Wood. We met a friendly viking, who took us on a journey across seas in a long boat to England. We found a settlement and worked hard to build shelters and make fires. We also experienced some traditional Anglo Saxon crafts, such as wool spinning, metal work to make jewellery and carving the Anglo Saxon alphabet onto clay pots we made by hand. We all had a great day and can't wait to bring the learning back to the classroom and find out lots more about this period of history. Keep looking at our Twitter page for pictures and updates! 

Bishops Wood Trip

Welcome to the Autumn term in Year 5 and 6


We have already started working hard on our topic:

The Circus


The children will be finding out more about how the Circus changed through different eras, where the circus began, who the main characters were over the last century and where in the world influenced the different acts you find in the circus today. We will end our journey with Circus week where we will able to learn new skills and perform to an audience.

The second half of the Autumn term we will be focusing on World War 1. This brings our learning in line with the commemoration of the end of World War 1 in 1918.


To find out more read our Curriculum Newsletters below

Year 5 Long term Plan

Year 6 Long Term Plan

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COVID-19 information and letters within the Newsletter section.