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St Matthias

Church of England Primary School

Aspire Believe Achieve

Year 4

Worcester River Severn walk and Wheelchair Basketball

Welcome back to school.

We will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians this term.

Have a look at our newsletter to find out all the exciting things we will be learning.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4

Dance Festival

Dance Festival 1

Welcome back to the Spring Term in Year 4

This term we will be enjoying the topic 'Food Glorious Food'

There are lots of exciting trips and activities planned for us to enjoy.


Dates to remember:

Thursday 19th January. Train trip and walk around Malvern

Friday 27th January - Dance festival at Dyson Perrins



Image result for great malvern

Please take a look at our Curriculum plan to see what we have planned for this term.


Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to Year 4

Mrs Rowe and Mrs Cope will be teaching Year 4 with Mrs Jones and Mrs Day.  Mrs Boffy will continue to work us to improve our English.  We will be continuing the success of previous years with Year 3 and 4 working together on our topic work. 


Things you need to know:



The children will be given a spelling homework folder. This will contain the list of the spellings that they will be learning for the whole of the half term.  Each week the children will be given the specific spellings that they will be tested on in a grid format with activities linked to those spellings. Spellings will be given out on a Monday.  The children will be tested on a Friday.  If you loose your spelling homework then you will now be able to download this terms from our web page!


It is expected that the children will complete the grid and activities and bring their folders back into school EVERY Friday

Children will receive a stamp each week for a completed spelling/activity grid.  When they have collected 12 stamps they get a reward.  Those children who fail to bring their folders into school and/or do not complete their spellings will have to learn them during a playtime. 


Learning Logs

Children will have 2 weeks to complete their learning logs.  The children will have a choice of tasks to complete.  It is expected that the children will complete their learning log and hand them in on the date given.


Reading Books

Your child will be given a reading book and a reading record.  It is expected that your child reads for 20 minutes every night.  Their reading record book will need to be completed so that parents/carers and teachers can monitor progress.  Children will be rewarded with a raffle ticket for reading 5 times per week.  Both these books need to be in school everyday.


Personal belongings

Your child is responsible for their own belongings.  It is vital that their jumpers, coats, water bottles and PE kits are CLEARLY LABELLED and in school everyday.

Autumn Term Spellings

ISS-11-library_201_The-black-book.jpg (480×357)

We read this book in class. Please read our blogs. We have written our own Black Book of Colours



Do you know your number bonds?

Can you use them to find out other number bonds?


T-N-741-Rainbow-to-Ten-Display-Poster_ver_2.jpg (630×315)


T-N-908-Rainbow-and-Pot-of-Gold-Number-Bonds-to-20.jpg (630×315)


T-N-4398-Number-Bonds-to-100-Rainbow.jpg (630×315)



We are reading Meerkat Mail in English


9781447284420Meerkat Mail.jpg (3178×2537)

The Baptism of Christ  by Piero della Francesca


11baptism-of-christ-by-piero-della-francesca.jpg (312×450)


What is happening?

Who is the main character?

What is the man pointing at?

Who are the three ladies?

What is being poured over the man's head? Why?

Who is the man?

Who is pouring?

What does the Dove represent? 

Is God represented in this painting? 

Why is there a square and circle around the painting? 




Harvest Festival at St Matthias Church

Tuesday 11th October


StMatthias.jpg (480×360)

beeline-wordpress.jpg (979×268)Beeline Festival

Tuesday 18th October

Bishops Wood Trip

17th November 2016

EQHSqwqAz7BE9YFx6N8p7WhB7cg6Pr7jzKEwqCO3sy85kGZqtgjHjwfshtqS2EryW.jpg (720×300)




Visit from Daxa


On Tuesday 1st November Year 3 and 4 had a visit from Daxa. She talked to us about the Hindu festival Diwali. We looked at pictures and had the opportunity to ask Daxa questions about her faith.

After listening to Daxa we listened to music and learned a dance using sticks.




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