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St Matthias

Church of England Primary School

Aspire Believe Achieve

Year 4

FAME festival

Year 3 and 4 Tea Party


Please come to our Tea Party to celebrate our work on World War II.


It will take place on Thursday 14th July.


The party begins at 2pm so please arrive just before to be ready for the show.


Please wear your Sunday Best.


The children are invited to wear World War II clothes or their smart Sunday Best. 


Year 4 Assembly

Year 4 Assembly 1
Year 4 Assembly 2
Year 4 Assembly 3
Year 4 Assembly 4
Year 4 Assembly 5
Year 4 Assembly 6
Year 4 Assembly 7
Year 4 Assembly 8

World War II Assembly


You are invited to watch Year 4's World War II Assembly 

On Thursday 23rd June 

At 9:00am


We hope you are able to make it.


Year 4


Happy Birthday to the Queen!

The whole school enjoyed a day of celebrations commemorating the Queen's official 90th Birthday.

Year 3 and 4 participated in various activities including making their own crowns, colouring in the Union Flag, designing their own Queen style knickers (based on the book 'The Queen's Knickers' by Nicholas Allan), drawing portraits of the Queen (as part of a Guinness World Record attempt) and making cucumber or jam sandwiches for the afternoon Tea Party.


The day finished with the whole school joining together for a 'street party' on the playground, singing Happy Birthday and the official National Anthem  followed by a tea of sandwiches, scones and biscuits - all made by the children - delicious!


A wonderful day was had by all!

World War 2 veteran meets Year 3 and 4


Today Year 3 and 4 were honoured to meet Mr. Eric Tipping, a veteran from World War 2 along with his friend and colleague Mr. Dennis Hodgkins. Children had prepared questions for Eric and were transfixed with his answers.


We learnt that Eric was born and grew up in Worcester and remembered hearing Neville Chamberlain's famous announcement  on the radio declaring war on Germany. Apparently, he and his brothers ran straight out of their house to look in the sky for the enemy war planes. Obviously, it took a bit longer for the planes to arrive!  Eric made the children laugh when he told them that he and his family rushed to make an Anderson shelter only to find it submerged in water the next day!


Eric joined the infantry when he was 19 and in 1944 went off to France. His 'tour' took him through France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. The children were intrigued to hear how he captured a German and kept his gun as the German's weapons were better than the British. He shared with the children how he had to do 'house clearing' to ensure there were no enemies in their way so the rest of the army could safely travel through.


When asked what his medals were for he explained that they were 'campaign medals' and were only awarded after the war was over because it was only then that metal was available. Prior to that it was being used to help make planes and used for the war effort.


The children, and teachers, had a wonderful afternoon and as one child commented, "That was the best History afternoon I have ever had!"


Thank you Mr. Tipping and Mr. Hodgkins for a fabulous, educational afternoon!


Year 3 and 4 look forward to seeing you both again in July when they host their Victory Tea Party and share their World War 2 projects.

Summer Term Spellings

World War II Newsletter

Rainforest Cookies

Rainforest Cookies 1
Rainforest Cookies 2
Rainforest Cookies 3
Rainforest Cookies 4
Rainforest Cookies 5

Please come to our Parental Engagement on Friday 18th March.


We are going to make Rainforest Cookies.




Animal man

Road Safety Awareness

Road Safety Awareness 1
Road Safety Awareness 2

Internet Safety Day February 2016

Internet Safety Day February 2016 1
Internet Safety Day February 2016 2

Internet Safety Day

Still image for this video

Please come to the Year 3 and 4 Internet Safety day on Friday 12th February.







Mrs Davies asked Year 4 to write a poem for the Worcester Diocese.

This is the poem they created.


The door

Go and open the door.

Maybe there is a bridge to your dreams,

or a wood you can walk in,

or even your home waiting for you to rest in.


Go and open the door

Maybe you can see the birds flying in the sky,

a horse for you to ride,

a puppy and a kitten playing and fighting in the garden


Go and open the door

Maybe there are dancing butterflies in the garden.


Go and open the door

Maybe there are some friends outside, waiting for you.


Go and open the door

Maybe you will see children playing on scooters,

running around free,

eating sweets from the sweet shop.


Go and open the door

Maybe you will find a magical city you always wanted to go to,

find treasures,


the best of dreams.


Go and open the door

Maybe there will be a garden for you to sit in,

pansies for you to look at,

a chair to sit on,

birds to admire.


Go and open the door

Maybe there is a hot shining sun in the sky,

a beach to play on,

a pool to get cool in,

a bench to sit on

Children having fun with laughter.


Go and open the door

Maybe you will find so many different colours,





Go and open the door

Maybe there is an adventure waiting for you

Go and open the door and you will see your dreams


by Year 4

St Matthias Primary School


Disability Awareness Day

Picture 1

A Harvest Poem


Blackberries are sweet and as juicy as melons,

Raspberries lay in a basket ready for eating

As red as burning fire, giant crops of strawberries are carried for sale in berry shops,

Juicy red apples falling gently from the trees.


As gold as the stars golden crops start to grow,

As golden as sunrise, the wheat is ready to be harvested,

The waving corn is floating like the ocean,

Below the sun there are golden crops ready to be cut.


The Mother mouse is giving her babies a gentle kiss as they snuggle up in their warm beds to go to sleep,

One golden sun in the sky, making the waving crops grow,

A combine harvester slowly comes by, picking up the bright, golden corn.

A last glance of sunlight shining over the golden corn  like treasure.


Cutting the golden corn while the beaming hot sun is rising above the fields,

The shining sun reflects on the sparkling golden wheat scattered around the field,

Carefully the golden wheat flows through the air for Harvest time.

Leaves are falling off the trees in Autumn

iSingPOP @ Worcester Cathedral


Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to Year 4

Mrs Rowe and Mrs Cope will be teaching Year 4 with Mrs Blundell.  Mrs Boffy will continue to work us to improve our literacy.  We will be continuing the success of previous years with Year 3 and 4 working together on our topic work. 


Things you need to know:



The children will be given a spelling homework folder. This will contain the list of the spellings that they will be learning for the whole of the half term.  Each week the children will be given the specific spellings that they will be tested on in a grid format with activities linked to those spellings. Spellings will be given out on a Monday.  The children will be tested on a Friday.  If you loose your spelling homework then you will now be able to download this terms from our web page!


It is expected that the children will complete the grid and activities and bring their folders back into school EVERY Friday

Children will receive a stamp each week for a completed spelling/activity grid.  When they have collected 12 stamps they get a reward.  Those children who fail to bring their folders into school and/or do not complete their spellings will have to learn them during a playtime. 


Learning Logs

Children will have 2 weeks to complete their learning logs.  The children will have a choice of tasks to complete.  It is expected that the children will complete their learning log and hand them in on the date given.


Reading Books

Your child will be given a reading book and a reading record.  It is expected that your child reads for 20 minutes every night.  Their reading record book will need to be completed so that parents/carers and teachers can monitor progress.  Children will be rewarded with a raffle ticket for reading 5 times per week.  Both these books need to be in school everyday.


Personal belongings

Your child is responsible for their own belongings.  It is vital that their jumpers, coats, water bottles and PE kits are CLEARLY LABELLED and in school everyday.

Autumn Newsletter 2015 Year 4

Learning Logs Autumn 2015

Spelling Homework Year 4 Autumn Term

Check out our Year 4 Elsies!  These are photographs of us learning!  We will try and update them regularly.  How many times will you get caught learning?

Year 4 Elsies!

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