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Year 3

Summer Flat Stanley Postcard Challenge

This summer Flat Stanley has set you a new challenge! He needs to stay at school this holiday but would like to see pictures of places that you visit. So whenever you go on holiday, whether it be to another country on the other side of the world, one just across the border or the English Channel or visit another county, Flat Stanley would like to know about it. He would also like to see the places you visit on days out.


So Flat Stanley is asking you to do one of the following things;

  • send him a postcard of the place you visit and send it back to school (remember the school address is: St. Matthias Primary School, Cromwell Road, Malvern Link, Worcestershire, WR14 1NA).
  • buy a postcard, write on it and bring it back to your new class in September
  • use the Postcard template you have been given at school, draw a picture of the place you visit and again bring it back to your new class in September (this template is also on the school website).


Of course, if you want to you can do all three and do lots of each!


When we come back to school in September each class can have a look at all the different places children have visited and it will help us learn about the county we live in as well as other parts of the United Kingdom and even the World. You can, perhaps, help set up a display in your classroom and/or make a Travel book of the places you have visited.


Flat Stanley is so excited he will give a prize to the child and class that has sent/brought him the most postcards!


So have a really good holiday and don’t forget to buy a postcard or draw a picture of the places you visit so Flat Stanley (and your teachers and friends) can see what adventures you have got up to in the Summer holidays.


Have Fun!              


Summer Flat Stanley Postcard Challenge

Victory Tea Party!


Last Thursday, to end our term’s topic on World War 2, Year 3 and 4 held a stunning Victory Tea Party.


The celebration started with a guard of honour to welcome two special guests, World War 2 veterans Mr. Eric Tipping from Worcester and Mr. Barry Freeman from Stourbridge. Parents stood, some even shedding a tear, as the two war heroes walked between the lines of clapping children. As they took their places at the top table, which included flowers and table mats designed and made by the pupils, the performance began.


Children shared their learning, talking about the key events and facts from the war, reciting poems about the Blitz and the trials and tribulations of evacuation as well as reading out letters they had written as though they themselves had been evacuees. At different intervals through the performance the children sang songs such as ‘We’re doing our bit for the Nation’, ‘We’re going to the Country’ and ‘White cliffs of Dover’ as well as performing a moving dance about the Blitz.


Finally, the children thanked Mr. Tipping and Mr. Freeman for coming and, more importantly, for their contribution to the War which would never be forgotten. Both gentleman were presented with gifts which was followed by a minute’s silence.


Following the performance, sandwiches and cakes, which the pupils had made, were distributed and happily devoured by all guests!


The afternoon was truly moving with children not only showing off all that they have learnt and understood about this important time in our history but showing their appreciation and respect for the two war heroes. This latter sentiment was summed up in one child’s personal Thank you card to the veterans the following day when he wrote:


‘The tea party would have been ruined without you. You are the best visitors I have ever witnessed! Mr. Tipping you have told us many great stories, I loved every single one of them. Thank you for coming.’

Highlights from the afternoon

Thank you cards

Year 3 and 4 made some wonderful Thank you cards to thank both Mr. Tipping and Mr. Freeman for attending the Tea Party. The designs and the words were fabulous!

Thank you cards

Our Southern friends!


A warm welcome was given to Cottage Wood Primary School from Portsmouth who visited this week.


Year 3 enjoyed having two guests in their class for the morning and getting involved in some fun activities. 


After assembly, the children all helped make some Drop Scone mixture and then after break they ventured outside to cook them on special camping stoves called Trangias.


The first challenge was for each group to put their trangia together. Billy, from Portsmouth, led the way and had it sussed pretty quickly! Following that, the fun really began. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the drop scones cook on the little stoves and definitely enjoyed eating their way through the mixture!


The best day ever as many were heard to say! When can we do it again?!! 



Drop scones - a yummy learning experience!

Happy Birthday to the Queen!

The whole school enjoyed a day of celebrations commemorating the Queen's official 90th Birthday.

Year 3 and 4 participated in various activities including making their own crowns, colouring in the Union Flag, designing their own Queen style knickers (based on the book 'The Queen's Knickers' by Nicholas Allan), drawing portraits of the Queen (as part of a Guinness World Record attempt) and making cucumber or jam sandwiches for the afternoon Tea Party.


The day finished with the whole school joining together for a 'street party' on the playground, singing Happy Birthday and the official National Anthem  followed by a tea of sandwiches, scones and biscuits - all made by the children - delicious!


A wonderful day was had by all!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

World War 2 veteran meets Year 3 and 4


Today Year 3 and 4 were honoured to meet Mr. Eric Tipping, a veteran from World War 2 along with his friend and colleague Mr. Dennis Hodgkins. Children had prepared questions for Eric and were transfixed with his answers.


We learnt that Eric was born and grew up in Worcester and remembered hearing Neville Chamberlain's famous announcement  on the radio declaring war on Germany. Apparently, he and his brothers ran straight out of their house to look in the sky for the enemy war planes. Obviously, it took a bit longer for the planes to arrive!  Eric made the children laugh when he told them that he and his family rushed to make an Anderson shelter only to find it submerged in water the next day!


Eric joined the infantry when he was 19 and in 1944 went off to France. His 'tour' took him through France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. The children were intrigued to hear how he captured a German and kept his gun as the German's weapons were better than the British. He shared with the children how he had to do 'house clearing' to ensure there were no enemies in their way so the rest of the army could safely travel through.


When asked what his medals were for he explained that they were 'campaign medals' and were only awarded after the war was over because it was only then that metal was available. Prior to that it was being used to help make planes and used for the war effort.


The children, and teachers, had a wonderful afternoon and as one child commented, "That was the best History afternoon I have ever had!"


Thank you Mr. Tipping and Mr. Hodgkins for a fabulous, educational afternoon!


Year 3 and 4 look forward to seeing you both again in July when they host their Victory Tea Party and share their World War 2 projects.








Mr. Tipping visiting Lower Key Stage 2

Mr. Tipping visiting Lower Key Stage 2 1
Mr. Tipping visiting Lower Key Stage 2 2
Mr. Tipping visiting Lower Key Stage 2 3

Clean for the Queen

Year 3 started the ball rolling this week by being the first class to undertake their 'Clean for the Queen'. This afternoon, armed with litter pickers, special 'royal' bin bags, gloves and jackets we ventured out to see what rubbish we could clean up. We found an incredible amount!

Our rubbish included:

  • cans
  • plastic and glass bottles
  • sweet and chocolate wrappers
  • cigarettes
  • crisp packets.

As well as this we found a pogo stick, a roller skate, boxer shorts, gloves, a television control, a water pistol and a bike seat. The children were quite amazed at the amount they collected from such a small area.

We enjoyed helping to clean up our local community as well as our country for the Queen!

Well done Year 3s!

The Thoughtful Threes doing their bit for Queen and country!

Gymnastics festival

Year 3 had a fabulous time this morning taking part in the Gymnastics festival at Dyson Perrin's High School.

All children had a go at vaulting, body management and floor exercises. We have some budding gymnasts and everybody tried their hardest with all the activities.

Well done 'Thoughtful Threes' as you did St. Matthias proud!

Our moves at the Gymnastic fesitival

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. I hope you had a fabulous time and are now ready for the Summer Term.

Please find below the Summer Newsletter which outlines what we will be covering this term.


In addition, there are copies of the spellings and learning log tasks for this term just in case you loose you folder!


Any questions then please do not hesitate to pop in and ask!


Mrs. Hodgkins

Rainforest Cookies!

Today we all enjoyed making some delicious Rainforest cookies. Lots of our parents came in to help and it was lots of fun!

Us with our parents making the delicious rainforest cookies!

Matthias Newsround!

Year 3 performed a great assembly today. We pretended we were involved in Newsround, the news programme for children. Zain and Emily were our fabulous presenters (based in the studio) whilst we had Sophie, Ryan, Shania, Lily and Paige as our reporters 'out in the field' covering interesting news stories.


Reports included interviewing new authors (Molly and Hayden), an illustrator (Alex), animal photographers (Kian and Fearne), Steve Backshall (Evan), animal experts (Hannelore and Khalid) and environmental activists (Isabel, Chloe, Will, Harvey, Jayden and Oliver).


Like all good news programmes we finished with the weather, where our delightful weather girl, Zara, told us it would be cloudy in Malvern but very hot and humid around the world in the Rainforests!


The whole programme was expertly filmed by our 'BBC' camera men, Jacob and Josh, whilst Phoebe did a great job showing the audience lots of amazing, accompanying pictures.


The assembly was really impressive and all Year 3s should be really proud of themselves. Well done all of you!


Matthias Newsround - The Script


Zain News reader 1:Good morning and welcome to Newsround Extra. Our feature today: Tropical Rainforests.


Emily News reader 2: Thanks to children in a local school the world has been gripped by Rainforest fever.


Over to Sophie at St.Matthias to tell you more.


Sophie Reporter 1: Here at St.Matthias Primary School Year 3 have been learning about the Rainforest. They have got so engaged in the subject that their enthusiasm and interest has infected the world.

Now Mrs. Hodgkins, you are the Year 3 teacher, tell us what has happened.


Jessica Mrs. Hodgkins: Well, it has been extraordinary. The rainforest has captured the children’s imaginations and it has resulted in Year 3 now having two published authors in our class, a brilliant illustrator, specialist photographers, animal experts and several environmental activists. We are taking the world by storm!


Sophie Reporter 1: Indeed you are! On that note we are going straight over to Waterstones in Worcester for a very special book signing event.


Ryan Reporter 2: Yes, thank you I am here at Waterstones where a pupil from Year 3 has just had her book published.


So Molly tell us about your book.


Molly  Author 1:  The title of my book is “ The Fantastic Rainforest.”  It is a non-fiction book and tells you lots of facts about the Rainforest. I take the time to explain where rainforests are in the world.


Ryan Reporter 2: Oh, and where are they?


Molly Author 1: Tropical rainforests can be found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn and along the Equator. I then go on to explain that there are four layers in a rainforest; the Forest Floor, the Understorey, the Canopy and the Emergent layer.

My book also talks about some of the animals and plants that you find in Rainforests.  My friends Fearne and Kian were able to capture some amazing pictures.


Ryan Reporter 2: Tell us about some of your photos Fearne.


Fearne Photographer 1: My favourite one is of the Sloth swimming. It took days of patient waiting to capture this one. Sloths spend at least 20 hours in the trees eating leaves, buds, twigs, fruits and, occasionally, insects and rodents. As they only come down to the ground to go to the toilet I was very lucky to see this sloth swimming. The first time it has been captured on camera. Sloth’s are excellent swimmers.


Kian Photographer 2: I prefer focussing on the micro creatures of our world. I had a special lens and lay in a bed of biting ants to capture this picture. Leafcutter ants travel in long lines far into the forest searching for leaves. They use their sharp mandibles (jaws) to cut leaves from plants, which they then carry on their backs. The ants carry the leaf pieces back to their underground nests where the leaves are chewed into a pulp. The pulp is stored with ant poo and fungus spores, and strands of fungus grow on the decomposing pulp. This fungus is the food that these ants eat.

Fascinating don’t you think?


Ryan Reporter2: Incredible. Thank you for that. This is Ryan reporting from Waterstones, now back to the studio.


Zain Newsreader 1: Amazing! Wow! Fancy being an author at 8 years old! Incredible!


Emily Newsreader 2; Not as incredible as our next story. Imagine getting a call from Steve Backshall and being asked to present a Rainforest special on his Deadly 60 programme. Well, that’s what happened to two animal specialists from The Thoughtful Threes.


Shania Reporter 3:I am here in the Rainforest with Steve Backshall and Hannelore and Khalid filming the new series of the Deadly 60!

How did you hear about the Thoughtful Threes and their expertise?


Evan Steve: I got the tip off to check out Class 3’s rainforest website and straightaway saw the knowledge and expertise of these two guys.


Shania Reporter 3: Hannelore, tell us about your specialism.


Hannelore Animal Specialist 1– I’ve always loved insects and my knowledge of spiders has grown over the years. I am especially fond of tarantulas with several at home. Tarantulas in the rainforest can be as big as a plate. Many Tarantulas live in burrows underground.  They will either use their fangs to dig them or else take someone else’s burrow. Even though they do not spin webs, Tarantulas use their silk to make doors or soft walls for their burrow or, in the case of tree-living tarantulas, tunnel-shaped homes in trees. Tarantulas are night time hunters who will pounce on their prey.  They eat insects, beetles and grasshoppers.  However, the Goliath Bird-eating Tarantula species will eat larger prey, such as lizards, snakes, frogs, bats and small birds.


Shania Reporter 3: Gosh, I would rather not meet one of those spiders! And Khalid, which animal are you a specialist about?


Khalid Animal Specialist 2 – My specialism is the Aye-Aye. Aye-Ayes can be found only on the island of Madagascar. They spend their lives in rain forest trees and avoid coming down to earth. They are nocturnal, and spend the day curled up in a ball-like nest of leaves and branches. While perched up high, the aye-aye taps on trees with its long middle finger and listens for wood-boring insect larvae moving under the bark. It uses the same middle finger to fish them out. This digit is also useful for scooping the flesh out of coconuts and other fruits.


Evan  Steve: with these two experts on board we are going to wow you with animal facts in the new series – watch this space!


Shania Reporter 3:Thanks Steve! This is Shania reporting from the Madagascan rainforest. Back to the studio.


Zain News reader 1:It is quite incredible how knowledgeable these Year 3s are!


Emily News reader 2: and skilled. We now go back to Waterstones where Lily Dixon has caught up with another young Author who has also just published a book.


Lily Reporter 4: I am here with Hayden Barnett. Now tell us about your book.


Hayden: Author 2: The title of my book is “The Lord of the Rainforest”. It’s a fictional story about a Tiger chatting to lots of other rainforest animals and finding out that he is the Lord of the Forest.  It is a fun, interesting book for children and they will love the pictures which have been drawn by Alex.


Alex Illustrator: I have always enjoyed drawing, sketching and painting and I was delighted when Hayden asked me to illustrate his book as my passion is animals. The Rainforest has lots of creatures from the Jaguar to the Squirrel monkey, from the Red Eyed Tree Frog to the False Coral snake and I loved drawing them all.


Lily Reporter4: So get down to your shops now and buy this wonderful book. This is Lily Dixon reporting from Waterstones. Back to the Studio.


Zain News reader 1: I can’t wait to buy that book for my children. It sounds and looks fantastic!


Emily News reader 2: Yes I agree. Now, we have one more story which shows just how inspiring the Year 3s have been and how they really are waking the world up to the Rainforest.

Here’s Paige reporting for us from St. Matthias School in Malvern.


Paige Reporter5: Good morning! I am here at St. Matthias School with a group of Year 3s who have been deeply affected by the plight of the rainforests all over the world. Can you explain your concern about the Rainforests?


Isabel Protester 1:  We are fighting for the protection of rainforests around the world. The world's rainforests are currently disappearing at a rate of 6000 acres every hour (this is about 4000 football fields per hour).

Chloe Protester 2: There are many reasons why the trees are being cut down. Sometimes it’s for wood to make furniture and paper, sometimes it’s to make fields for cattle and sometimes it’s to make roads.

Will Protester 3: Over half of the world’s animal and plant species are found in the world’s rainforests. By cutting the trees down whole habitats are being lost and now there are many endangered species in these rainforests areas. These include spider monkeys, crocodiles, gorillas, and macaws.


Isabel Protester 1: We need trees to help us fight against Global warming. We need the rain forests to produce oxygen and clean the atmosphere to help us breathe. We also know that the earth's climate can be affected, as well as the water cycle. Rainforests also provide us with many valuable plants, and may be a source of cures from some deadly diseases. The Rainforests are vital for the health of the planet!


All Protesters: Save our rainforests! Save our rainforests! Save our rainforests!


Paige Reporter 5:So as you can see the rainforests are essential in the survival of mankind and the earth and the actions of these Year 3s is helping to educate others around the world and we hope that at the next G8 summit the world leaders will discuss this issue. This is Paige reporting from St. Matthias school, back to the studio.



Zain News reader 1: Wow! These Year 3s really have taken the rainforests to their heart.


Emily News reader 2: I wouldn’t be surprised if they are asked to go and meet the World leaders and explain the issues themselves.


Zain News reader 1: Now just before we go we have time for the weather:


Zara Weather reporter: Thank you Zain.  In Malvern it will be cloudy. However, around the world in the Rainforests it will be hot and humid with up to 150 cm of rain per year.


Zain News reader 1: Thank you Zara.

Well that is all we have time for now. Be sure to keep up to date with the Rainforest initiative both here on Matthias Newsround and also on the school website and blog.

Thanks for tuning in! Goodbye!


Emily News reader 2: Goodbye!


Our Rainforest Class Assembly

Rainforest slides used for the Assembly - beware!

Animal Man meets the Thoughtful Threes!

What an exciting morning Year 3s had today! We got to meet, touch and hold lots of exciting creatures. From the cute, cuddly Skunk! (yes, it was very cute and very sleepy) to the slippery snakes, from the amazing Geckos to the very green Chameleon, from the wonderful Barn Owl to the creepy tarantula, we enjoyed them all! 

Well done Year 3 for being so brave and touching them all.

Watch out! Watch out! There's a creature about!

Watch out! Watch out! There's a creature about! 1
Watch out! Watch out! There's a creature about! 2
Watch out! Watch out! There's a creature about! 3
Watch out! Watch out! There's a creature about! 4
Watch out! Watch out! There's a creature about! 5
Watch out! Watch out! There's a creature about! 6
Watch out! Watch out! There's a creature about! 7
Watch out! Watch out! There's a creature about! 8

World Music Workshop

Last week Year 3 and 4 enjoyed an afternoon of music learning about music from around the world, in particular from countries on the Continent of Africa.

Jane Fanshawe, from Fanshawe One World Music, took us on a tour of sounds showing us a variety of musical instruments as well as sharing how they have different sounds. We also heard many different voices with people singing or chanting.

The children enjoyed the afternoon and loved the final opportunity to dance to the rhythm and beat of the various drums and instruments they played.

The World Music Workshop

The World Music Workshop 1
The World Music Workshop 2
The World Music Workshop 3
The World Music Workshop 4

Road Safety Awareness Training

Road Safety Awareness Training 1
Road Safety Awareness Training 2

As part of 'Safer Internet Week', the Thoughtful Threes invited their Parents in to learn about cyberbullying and how to keep safe on the internet, whether using computers, ipads, phones or any other electronic devices. We watched a video featuring the Smart Crew, discussed the issues and then all went on the School Blog to share ideas about how to keep safe. It was fun having some mums in and showing them how we work and contribute to the School Blog. Check out the Year 3 class Blog to see our thoughts and advice.


A big 'Thank You' to those Mums who came in and joined us for our learning.



In Science we are learning about Animals including Humans. This week we worked in groups to try and put our own skeleton together. It was a little bit tricky and some of us did get some of our bones mixed up! Have a look and see if you can spot our mistakes!




Our Skeletons!

Our Skeletons! 1
Our Skeletons! 2
Our Skeletons! 3
Our Skeletons! 4
Our Skeletons! 5
Our Skeletons! 6
Our Skeletons! 7
Our Skeletons! 8
Our Skeletons! 9
Our Skeletons! 10
Our Skeletons! 11

Year 3 Spring Newsletter

Participation at the Beeline Literacy Festival in Worcester

Year 3 had another great trip when they went to Worcester for the Beeline Festival. The highlight of the day was when we saw Nick Arnold, the famous author who writes all the Horrible Science novels, and he shared some of his stories and experiments with us. Well done to Oliver for asking a really good question for which he won a prize. Jayden from Year 4 also volunteered to take part in an experiment where he got a little wet! It was lots of fun!

The children also enjoyed a brief visit to the Worcester Royal Infirmary Museum where they could have a go at being doctors and nurses! Lots of the children want to go back as they didn't have long there so please take the time to visit as it is free and its very near to the Hive.

One other activity we took part in was at the Hive where we looked at some thought-provoking pictures about our world. We had to choose our favourite picture, say why it was our favourite and then make a promise on a leaf about what we were going to do to make the world a better place.


Year 3 had a great day and were fantastic ambassadors for St. Matthias School. Well done!


Enjoy our pictures! 


The Beeline Literacy Festival

The Beeline Literacy Festival 1
The Beeline Literacy Festival 2
The Beeline Literacy Festival 3
The Beeline Literacy Festival 4
The Beeline Literacy Festival 5
The Beeline Literacy Festival 6
The Beeline Literacy Festival 7
The Beeline Literacy Festival 8
The Beeline Literacy Festival 9
The Beeline Literacy Festival 10

IsingPOP@Worcestershire Cathedral

We had a great day at Worcester Cathedral today. We not only took part in the IsingPOP lessons and concert but we had a tour of the cathedral too. We saw lots of things and we were told a lot of interesting facts. Can you guess some of the facts from the photos?  



Year 3 Curriculum newsletter

5 1 7 5 5 Visitors
Our Value for this half term is Peace.