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St Matthias

Church of England Primary School

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Sports / PE

Sports Day 5.7.19

Sports Day 5.7.19 1
Keep checking this page to see all of the things that we do in PE at St. Matthias.

Upcoming Events

Autumn 2

Friday 9th November - Year 1/2 Boys and 3/4 girls football at Dyson Perrins

Friday 16th November - U11 Football and Netball at Dyson Perrins

Friday 23rd November - Year 6 Cross-Country at Peachfield Common

PE Autumn 2018

This term lots of our classes are very lucky to have qualified, expert coaches and teachers deliver their PE lessons. 


Wednesday - Children from KS2 have the opportunity to go swimming at our local pool.  Our aim is for every child to leave St. Matthias being able to swim and I am pleased to say that we are on our way!


Thursday - Reception Class are enjoying lessons delivered by Chris from the Albion Foundation.  They are developing their core strength as well as learning fundamental skills such as throwing, catching and balancing.

Year 6 then have Chris for the whole afternoon for some very in depth lessons.


Friday - Year 1 and Year 2 are enjoying having specialist lessons with John from the Albion Foundation.


All of the other classes will be having 2 hours of PE delivered during curriculum time.

Sporting Clubs Autumn Term


Thursday - Football club for Years 4, 5 and 6 with The Albion Foundation


Friday - Netball club for Years 4, 5 and 6 with The Albion Foundation

English Schools Football Association

U11 Girls Tournament

Wednesday 10th October

On a very sunny afternoon, 10 girls from Years 5 and 6 walked up to Dyson Perrins ready and proud to represent St. Matthias.  It was a very exciting afternoon that started with the team drawing 0-0 against a strong Upton.  Excellent goalkeeping by Fiona and defending by Shania and Fearne.  We then found out that our next opponents were Malvern Wells and an amazing performance by all ended with Beau giving us a 1-0 victory.  Our final opponents were Castlemorton  and the team were very unfortunate to lose 1-0 in the dying seconds.  Every single player was a credit to the school and we are all delighted with finishing second in the table!!

English Schools Football Association

U11 Tournament

Wednesday 3rd October

On Wednesday 3rd October, St Matthias U11 football team had their English Schools Football tournament. There were 6 teams including us. Each match lasted 8 minutes and all of the teams were really good. We tried our hardest and worked together and came 3rd. We were very happy, had a great time and are all proud about the result, especially Mr Salmon.

By Joshua L Y6


Mr Salmon says, “Well done to all of the players. It was a privilege to take you to the tournament and I was very proud of you all. Excellent teamwork, brilliant goals and resolute defending! Future stars for the 2030 World Cup.”

Picture 1

Sporting Clubs Summer Term


Monday - Sports Club for Years 4,5 and 6 with Mr Miller


Tuesday- Multi-skills Club for Reception and Year 1 with Mr Salmon and Mr Preece


Thursday - Football club for Years 5 and 6 with The Albion Foundation


Friday - Cricket club for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 with Worcestershire Cricket Club

PE Summer 2018

This term lots of our classes are very lucky to have qualified, expert coaches and teachers deliver their PE lessons. 


Wednesday - Children from KS2 have the opportunity to go swimming at our local pool.  Our aim is for every child to leave St. Matthias being able to swim and I am pleased to say that we are on our way!


Thursday - Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 5 are enjoying lessons delivered by Chris from the Albion Foundation.  


Friday - Year 3 and Year 4 are enjoying having specialist cricket lessons that are beeing delivered by Worcestershire Cricket Club.


All of the other classes will be having 2 hours of PE delivered during curriculum time.

Tag Rugby Festival

Friday 18th May


On Friday 18th May our Year 6 Tag Rugby team attended a very busy and exciting rugby festival at Malvern Rugby Club.  The squad of 15 players were given their first team talk by their experienced coach, Mr Brown and were sent onto the field of play to compete in their first match.  After a few close contests it could be seen quite clearly how much progress the team were making in adapting to the situation and working as a team.  Mr Salmon arrived just after lunch to see a very impressive victory and was very proud of the effort, encouragement and behaviour of the squad.  The day ended with a few victories and some very close loses and that is an accomplishment that the whole team should be very proud of.

Picture 1

Using different parts of our body to flip the cones

Using different parts of our body to flip the cones 1
Using different parts of our body to flip the cones 2
Using different parts of our body to flip the cones 3

Mixed Dyson Perrins Gymnastics Festival

Friday 20th April 

Some of our Year 3 and 4 children had a great morning out today engaging in a gymnastics festival.  Each child had the opportunity to experience three disciplines of Gymnastics – Floor, Body Management & Vault – learning various moves and then demonstrating what they had learnt to their group.

The day consisted of a; Warm-up (10 mins), Floor, Body Management & Vault moves (90 mins), Demonstration from Academy students (5 mins) and Presentations (5 mins). 

It was brilliant to see all the skills that the children have been developing over the past few years being used so effectivley.  Well done to all involved and for your amazing sportsmanship and behaviour.


Thursday 29th March

Chase High School Dance Festival

Our Year 5 children had an amazing experience today when they attended the Chase Dance Festival.  The children were very excited to be performing their 'Light' dance routine and all children were exceptional in both performance and behaviour.  Due to their brilliant performance they have been invited to perform their dance at the Malvern Christmas Lights switch on!!!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Tuesday 6th March 

Year 4 Football 

The Downs School

Our year 4 football team had a lovely afternoon out at The Downs, Malvern on Tuesday.  It felt like we were travelling to an FA Cup final when we boarded the train to Colwall and the children were already very excited.  We arrived at the Downs School promptly and Jayden Wd led a very thorough warm-up.  The children played brilliantly with excellent effort by all.  We were very unfortunate not to pick up a couple of victories against some very talented opposing players. Everyone deserves to be praised but extra an extra special mention must be made for Logan L who defended like a seasoned professional and then became out number 1 goalkeeper who showed no fear!   After the games we were all invited to an after match dinner and the children loved tucking into a truly deserved plate of sausage and chips.  We then made the journey back to school on a very wobbly train! A great experience for all.

Baggie Bird Fundraiser

Friday 16th February

We have been very excited today to have Baggie Bird from West Bromwich Albion Football Club visit us and help us to raise money for our school playground.  The children have been thinking about what we would like and they have all asked for more climbing frames smiley They all cheered for each other when taking the penalties and we were most impressed with the shooting.  England should take top tips from our children ready for the World Cup!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

PE Spring 2018

This term lots of our classes are very lucky to have qualified, expert coaches and teachers deliver their PE lessons. 


Wednesday - Children from KS2 have the opportunity to go swimming at our local pool.  Our aim is for every child to leave St. Matthias being able to swim and I am pleased to say that we are on our way!


Thursday - Nursery Class, Year 2 and Year 4 are enjoying lessons delivered by Chris from the Albion Foundation.  


Friday - Year 5 and Year 6 have enjoyed having specialist cricket lessons that have been delivered by Worcestershire Cricket Club.


All of the other classes will be having 2 hours of PE delivered during curriculum time.

Sporting Clubs Spring Term


Thursday - Football club for Years 1 and 2 with The Albion Foundation


Friday - Cricket club for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 with Worcestershire Cricket Club

Monday 22nd January 

Year 4 Dance Festival

Year 4 from St Matthias had a great morning out at Dyson Perrins School, Dance Festival. It was a great opportunity for the children to experience different styles of dance. The morning was hugely popular with the children and there was theme style dance, Street Dance & Cheerleading. 

Friday 19th January 

U11 Football League

Our football team walked up to Dyson Perrins ATP after school on Friday in bitterly cold conditions to take part in the second stage of the football league.  The team played brilliantly and took 4 points from the first 2 games with Josh scoring a great goal.  Charlie and Hayden were fantastic goalkeepers and Eleanore was a strong player especially after getting hit in the face with a ferocious shot! There were 5 more tight matches after this and Mr Miller and Mr Salmon were very proud of the effort and sportsmanship of all players involved. Well done!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Friday 3rd November

Years 1 and 2 Boys Football Festival

Our youngest football team walked up to Dyson Perrins High School today for their first competition of the year.  It was a cold afternoon but the children warmed up and were ready for the matches. We wore our brand new kit, supplied by Premier League Stars, and the team looked very smart and professional.

We lined up against 2 other local schools and competed brilliantly with Freddie amazing in goal and Glyn tackling like Rio Ferdinand in defense. Every player did themselves proud and are already looking forward to the next time they represent St. Matthias.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 13th October

Year 6 Cross-Country

Last Friday all of the children in Year 6 took part in a Cross Country competition on Peachfield Common. It was a wet and cloudy day but all of the children persevered in their races. It was a marvellous day because we got to cheer each other on and watch everyone run in their race. Even though it was challenging it was really exciting. Every child said it was a brilliant day. In the middle of the day, it started raining but the races still went on. Everyone did really well because they carried on even when it got tough. Everyone enjoyed it and did really well.

By Halle, Kaitlyn and Freya

All of the children did well in their races and were extremely supportive of their classmates. I was very proud of their determined, grown up attitude throughout the day. Well done Year 6!

Miss Worthington


Wednesday 20th September

Under 11 English Schools Football Tournament


On Wednesday 20th September 2017, St Matthias entered into a football tournament at Dyson Perrins C of E Academy. However, due to a small number schools being able to make the event, our only opponents were two squads from Kempsey Primary. Our team consisted of; Jaden H, Charlie W, Zoe C, Emily B, Jack W, Josh L, Lewis H-J and Alfie A-N. During the course of the tournament, we saw a regular change in goalkeepers with Jaden and Alfie making critical saves, as well as Charlie and Jack keeping a clean sheet. Each of these boys also played vital roles in the games while not in goal. Outfield witnessed the likes of Zoe, Emily and Lewis putting life and limb on the line, with some fantastic chasing down and blocking of the ball. The award for “Player of the Match” has to go to Josh, who was consistent in every position he played in and scored a winning goal in one of our matches. St Matthias did the school proud, playing with respect and enthusiasm. We finished the tournament in second place, racking up the results of 1W-1D-2L. Unfortunately, we did not qualify for regional tournament but the team can hold their heads up high as they not only gave it their all but they also had fun! Mr Miller.

PE Autumn 2017

This term lots of our classes are very lucky to have qualified, expert coaches and teachers deliver their PE lessons. 


Tuesday - Years 5 and 6 have Mrs Hannah Kent delivering dance lessons and the children are all learning a dance that they will perform to the school.


Wednesday - Children from KS2 have the opportunity to go swimming at our local pool.  Our aim is for every child to leave St. Matthias being able to swim and I am pleased to say that we are on our way!


Thursday - Reception Class, Year 3 and Year 6 are enjoying lessons delivered by Chris from the Albion Foundation.  


Friday - Year 1 and Year 2 have enjoyed having specialist cricket lessons that have been delivered by Worcestershire Cricket Club.

Sport Clubs Autumn 2017


Tuesday - Dance club with Mrs Kent for Years 1 and 2.


Thursday - Football club for Years 3 and 4 with The Albion Foundation


Friday - Cricket club for Years 5 and 6 with Worcestershire Cricket Club

Picture 1
Picture 2

Self Defence Awareness Training

Thursday 29th June

We were very excited in school today to welcome Ross from Self Defence training team into school.  He delivered an assembly that helped us to understand the importance of things such as 'Stranger Danger' and how to keep safe when we are out and about.

Classes 1-6 then got a 30 minute lesson with Ross and the sessions were delivered to cover aspects such as common bullying problems , Stranger Danger tips and general advice on keeping safe. We also learnt how to break a fall or trip to ground, and simple self defence skills such as breaking away from common grabs.

All of our children were then offered 2 free sessions at Dyson Perrins so I hope that lots of us take Ross up on this offer.

Year 6 Rounders Festival

Dyson Perrins High School


On Friday 23rd June, our Year 6 team walked up to Dyson Perrins for the annual Rounders Festival.  All of our players played exceptionally well with a special mention to Kevin for his composed bowling skills.


Please read the following report by Lily and Lucy in Year 6.


Year 6 Rounders Tournament

Last week, on Friday, 13 people from year 6 went to Dyson Perrins to participate in a rounders tournament. We were up against: Suckley, St Josephs, Leigh and Bransford, Summers Park and Powick. We were first competing against Somers Park followed by the other teams. We had some amazing catches by Jay H and Kevin. Kevin was our captain and was a very reliable, accurate bowler. There were some especially great throws from Lawson who was a far fielder. Damion was also a very alert and quick backstop with Ellie keeping her cool on first base. Ruby took on many of the challenges since she took place of a child who was ill. Also the people on the posts made some wicked and painful catches. Every one in the team co-operated well, were positive and showed resilience. Especially Thea who was encouraging to all whilst filming. In the end, we came fifth out of seven teams! Overall, we had a brilliant day, even though it was very hot.


By Lucy and Lily (year 6)

St Matthias Sports Day

Thursday 15th June

Thank you to all family members who attended our very successful sports day on Thursday 15th June. It was a super morning and the children loved showing off their sporting skills to you all. The children behaved impeccably and demonstrated excellent abilities, especially with the very tricky medicine ball throw!

The eventual winning house was John; but a big well done to everybody who made the day so enjoyable. 


The sports day results are as follows (average points per child):
1st: John - 34.7

2nd: Matthew - 33.3
3rd: Mark - 31.4
4th: Luke - 31.2

Year 6
Tyler MM- 54
Molly  - 48

Year 5
Jack - 53
Zoe C, Skye , Halle - 40

Year 4
Kian  - 45
Fearne  - 44

Year 3 
Casey  - 47
Jayden Wd - 44

Year 2 
Ayden  - 39
Danielle  - 32

Year 1
Lucas and Daniel  - 39
Abigail  - 34

Picture 1

Albion Foundation Match of the Day Festival

Tuesday 25th April

Academy Dome, West Bromwich


WOW!!!   What an amazing experience that was.  10 lucky children from St. Matthias were invited to a special football festival to celebrate how Premier League football clubs are working with schools.  We have been working with the Albion Foundation for 2 years now and as a reward for our effort were invited to this Match of the Day special.

The 10 lucky children boarded the minibus at 10.30am for the short journey up the M5 and after a few wrong turns, we made it to the venue for our lunch.  Thank you Jayden and Ethan for the directions at the end to get us there!!  We then entered the training dome and were given our fixtures and I am delighted to say that all players played exceptionally well and demonstrated an excellent fair play attitude as we romped to victory in all 3 games.  During one game Jayden scored what was later to be deemed Goal of the Day by the referees and organisers.

An amazing start was then eclipsed by what was to come...

The whole West Bromwich Albion Football Club First Team entered the dome.  All schools were then told that they would have a player to coach and play with them all afternoon.  Mr Salmon whispered into Mrs Taylor's ear "please let it be Darren Fletcher" and his wish came true! Mr Salmon stepped down to allow Darren to take the managerial reigns and you'll be pleased to know that he didn't let us down as we went on to win our final 2 games and make it 5/5.

The BBC were there to film the event for Match of the Day and filmed Darren Fletcher giving our team a team talk as well as training them and a special goal celebration dance.  You'll have to tune in on Sunday morning at 7.45am on BBC2 to see our stars in action.

Well done to all involved and I am sure that you will remember this day for ever.


Netball at St. Matthias


We have been very lucky this term to have Miss Edmonds delivering Netball Club at our school. She is a very highly regarded coach and player and all of our netball players have loved learning new skills, completing new drills and having lots of fun.  Thank you, Miss Edmonds and we hope you come back next year.

Summer Term Sporting Events


Tuesday 25th April

Year 3/4 Football Festival at West Bromwich Albion Training Dome.  This event is to showcase the impact of the delivery of sport in schools and we could be on Match of the Day 2.


Tuesday 16th May

Year 6 cricket competition at Barnards Green Cricket Club.


Wednesday 17th May

Year 6 Girl's FA Football Festival at Worcester University.


Friday 19th May

Year 6 Tag Rugby Festival at Malvern Rugby Club.

Dyson Perrins Cluster Event

Monday 13th March


Our netball and football teams both played with enthusiasm and demonstrated excellent teamwork when competing in the final round of fixtures.

The football team played very well and won 3, drew 1 and narrowly lost 2 of their fixtures.  Tyler B did amazingly well against Suckley and scored 4 goals.  Tyler M and Jack were rocks in defence and ensured that we only conceded 2 goals throughout the whole tournament.


The netball team, coached by Miss Edmonds, showed off their new skills and played some excellent netball.  We were all very impressed with their sportsmanship, behaviour and attitude towards the games and are very proud of both our netball and football teams. 

The results for all of the competitions will be posted as soon as they are received from Dyson Perrins.

Yr 3/4 Football Tournament Match Report


Date: Tuesday 7th March 2017

Venue: The Downs, Malvern

Throughout the tournament, the team showed good cohesion, displaying great passing and movement around the pitch. 
A solid defence of Josh and Lucas made attacking for the opposing team very difficult. This was only backed up by the heroic efforts of Hayden and Khalid who were alternating as the goalkeeper.
The rest of our outfield players consisted of Ethan, Jayden, Kylan and Matisse. These players all had vital input to the goals that we scored, either through scoring or assisting.



Match 1 (Group Stage)
Opponent: Ashperton Primary
Result: St Matthias 1 – 1 Ashperton

Goal scorers: Kylan

Match 2 (Group Stage)

Opponent: Northleigh Primary
Result: St Matthias 1 – 2 Northleigh

Goal scorers: Own goal (Jayden assisted with a cross)

Match 3 (Group Stage)

Opponent: The Downs Primary
Result: St Matthias 0 – 3 The Downs

Goal scorers:


Match 4 (Placing Quarter Finals)

Opponent: The Downs Primary
Result: St Matthias 0 – 2 The Downs

Goal scorers:

Match 5 (Placing Semi-Final)

Opponent: Eastnor Primary
Result: St Matthias 3 – 3 Eastnor (Penalties: 2-0)

Goal scorers: Jayden x3 (Penalties: Jayden, Josh) Khalid saved all penalties taken at him.

Match 6 (Placing Final)

Opponent: Ashperton Primary
Result: St Matthias 1 – 1 Ashperton (Golden Goal- Ashperton Win)

Goal scorers: Ethan




By the end of the tournament, we had won two games, draw one game and lost three games. However, I feel that these results do not reflect how contested each game actually was, with all players giving maximum effort while demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship and etiquette. They have done themselves and St Matthias proud with both their physical endeavour and sporting prowess.

Special Mention

Thank you to Jayden’s father, Shaun, for stepping into the role of Head Coach and ensuring that the children had a fair and enjoyable experience.

Man of the Tournament:  Josh
For his John Terry-esque defending, producing some last ditch tackles and being the rock that we needed him to be.


Spring Term Events


Monday 16th January

U11 Football and Netball Cluster Competition at Dyson Perrins High School.


Friday 20th January

U11 Worcestershire County Cup Football finals at South Bromsgrove High School.


Friday 27th January

Year 4 Dance Festival at Dyson Perrins High School


Friday 3rd February

Premier League, WBA Area, U11 Football Competition at Worcester University


Tuesday 7th March

Year 3 and 4 Football Tournament at The Downs School, Colwall


Monday 13th March

U11 Football and Netball Cluster Competition at Dyson Perrins High School.






Sporting Clubs Spring Term


Tuesday - Year 5 / 6 Netball with Miss Edmonds and Mr Salmon


Thursday - Year 3 /4 Football with West Bromwich Albion FC and Mr Salmon


Friday - KS2 Cricket with Worcestershire Cricket Club and Mr Salmon


There is also a ball skills lunchtime club on Thursday.








U11 Cluster Football Tournament

Monday 7th November 2016


On a very cold afternoon 9 hardy souls trooped to Dyson Perrins for the first round of matches in our Cluster League.  There were 7 schools ready to compete and a maximum of 30 points up for grabs; 5 for a win, 3 for a draw and 1 for a defeat.  St Matthias started of with a comprehensive 6-0 victory, with a special mention to Jay H and Kevin for opening their St. Matthias goalscoring accounts.  A tight game against Northleigh followed and we persevered to come through with a 1-0 victory.  We then had a 15 minute break to refuel before we went back into competitive mode and defeated a second Northleigh team.  We headed into a top of the table clash with Somers Park in good spirits but soon fell behind.  We then had a lapse few minutes and conceded another goal to go 2-0 down.  The team then regrouped and got their heads up to pull one back and were unfortunate not to equalize in the dying seconds.  Our penultimate game was against the highly rated Powick and the teams cancelled each other out as the game petered out to a 0-0 draw.  A top save from Callum ensuring that we left with a draw and 3 points.  With temperatures plummeting and parents cold on the touchline we lined up for our final match against Suckley.  A fantastic afternoon was finished off with a 3-1 victory to leave us with 24 points from 30 for this first round of matches.  We will be looking to add to this total in January!!!

Well done to all involved and thank you to all of the parents for coming and supporting the team.



School Games Sports Mark


We have just received confirmation that our school has achieved the Bronze School Games Mark due to our commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive sport in 2015/16. Well done to everyone at St. Matthias!!!

Picture 1

Worcestershire West Cross Country Championships


Year 6 had a fantastic day at Malvern Common, where they were competing in this annual cross country event.  The team boarded the bus on a chilly morning with tracksuits on and energy levels high.  After a thorough warm up the children headed to the start line and all of Year 6 gave 100% in their race.  Very well done to all for running with a smile on your face smiley




Worcestershire Cricket School of the Year


Over the last 3 years cricket has been a massive part of our PE curriculum and our after-school provision.  We have been lucky enough to use some of our Sports Grant funding to bring in Jon Hancock from Worcestershire Cricket Club to deliver the highest quality PE lessons and give professional development to staff at the school.  We have seen the attitude and ability of the children in cricket and, as a knock on all other sports, improve dramatically.  

When we started having a cricket club on a Friday after school we had 12 children signed up.  Now, 3 years later, we have the club EVERY Friday of the school year and are fully subscribed with 30 children attending across Key Stage 2. We walk to our local club, Malvern Cricket Club, for a few sessions a term and have manged to get a few children signed up to their club too.

Due to all of the hard work that the children have put in St. Matthias has been awarded the accolade of Worcestershire Cricket School of the Year.  A huge achievement.  Well done to all who have participated in cricket over the past few years. 


Picture 1

Autumn Term 2016

This term we have got lots of exciting sporting activities coming up. Please keep checking for sporting reports and photographs.



Sporting Events


Tuesday 27th September – Year 6 English Schools Football Tournament

1 – 4pm at Dyson Perrins Sports College


Friday 14th October – Year 6 Cross Country

11am start at Peachfield Common


Wednesday 19th October – Year 5/6 Football (girls) English Schools Tournament

1-4pm at Dyson Perrins Sports College


Friday 21st October – Year 1/2 Football Tournament (boys)

1pm at Dyson Perrins Sports College


Friday 21st October – Year 3/4 Football Tournament (girls)

1pm at Dyson Perrins Sports College


Monday 7th November – Year 5/6 Football and Netball League

4pm – 6pm at Dyson Perrins Sports College




KS2 Football Club



KS1 Ball Skills Lunchtime Club

Year 2 and Year 3 Football Club



KS2 Cricket Club

Picture 1



Reception Class have got Harry from the Albion Foundation delivering fantastic PE lessons. So far we have developed our listening skills, learnt how to throw and catch with confidence and used bean bags to show off our balancing skills.  We are future netball and basketball stars!!

Year 3 and Year 4 are having a great time with the Albion Foundation developing their football skills and are looking forward to showing off their talent in upcoming competitions.  


Jon Hancock, from Worcestershire Cricket Club, is delivering cricket lessons to Year 1 and Year 2 on a Friday afternoon and the children are having a great time developing their batting and bowling abilities.

Tuesday 27th September 2016

Malvern Area Large English Schools Football Tournament


This afternoon 10 St Matthias children walked the same path as their victorious contemporaries from last year to Dyson Perrins High School. There was a quiet confidence in the squad of impending success but there were some doubts due to St. Matthias being moved to the Large Schools competition.

We arrived at 2pm and found our pitch for the first group match against a strong Powick.  A superb free-kick from Tyler gave us an early lead and resolute defending and goalkeeping sealed a 1-0 victory.  Game 2 was a more open match against Somers Park and another strike from Tyler and a Finlay winner moved us to 6 points. 1 more point would put us into the final and we surpassed this with a 1-0 victory over Kempsey B.  We discussed tactics and headed into the final against Kempsey A with a feeling that a win was possible.  It was a very tight game and it took Jay H coming on to set up Jay C to give us victory and to bring the trophy back home to St. Matthias.

Well done to all involved, a truly magnificent achievement!! Good luck in the Worcestershire Finals in the coming months.



Spring Term


Sporting Events in the Spring Term

Monday 18th January  - Year 5 and 6 Netball and Football Cluster Competition at Dyson Perrins Sports College


Tuesday 19th January - Girls Indoor Cricket at Dyson Perrins Sports College


Friday 22nd January - Under 11's Worcestershire Small Schools Football Finals


Friday 22nd January - Whole School Disability Awareness Day

Paul Hunt will be delivering a whole school assembly to show how disability hasn't stopped him fulfilling his dreams.  All classes will then receive a PE lesson from the specialist coaches.


Friday 29th January -  Year 4 Dance Festival at Dyson Perrins Sports College


Tuesday 2nd February - After-school trip to watch West Bromwich Albion FC Vs Swansea City FC in the Premier League.  We are having a tour of the stadium and a training session in the training dome before the match smiley


Friday 26th February - Under 11 Premier League Schools Football Tournament at Worcester University.


Thursday 10th March - West Bromwich Albion Fundraising Assembly


Thursday 10th March - Key Stage 1 PE Roadshow.  This will include lots of lovely sporting activities for Key Stage 1 children and will be delivered by WBA.


Friday 11th March - World Football Day.  Key Stage 2 children will all have the opportunity to participate in an exciting day of football activities.


Friday 11th March - Worcestershire Cross-Country Finals.  I'm sure you will all join me in wishing Jack from Year 6 all the best for this event.  Jack qualified by coming 6th in the Malvern Cross-Country race.




Friday 22nd January

Disability Awareness Day

On Friday morning we welcomed Paul Hunt from West Bromwich Albion to our school to deliver a very memorable assembly.  Paul spoke passionately about his disability and how he has overcome all of the problems that he has faced in life.  It was amazing to hear his stories and I know how everyone in the room was inspired just by listening to what Paul spoke about.  It is worth noting how Paul followed all of the values that we have as a school and he has gone on to have a very successful life, both sporting and socially.

Classes 2-6 then enjoyed PE lessons throughout the day when they learnt all about participating in disability sports.  Everyone had a great day and thank you all for your amazing effort.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Friday 22nd January

Under 11 Worcestershire County Cup Football Finals

This morning the football team arrived at school looking very smart and professional in their sporting tracksuits.  They piled onto the mini-bus and we headed up in the rain to Holy Trinity High School, Redditch for the County Cup Finals.

We lined up for our first match against a very competitive Birchen Coppice and quickly fell behind to a well worked goal.  This spurred St Matthias on and Kyle got his just rewards and poked the ball into the net for a well deserved equalizer.  The result from then on in was never in doubt and goals from Tyler S and a Tyler B special ensured that we progressed to the final to face Hartlebury.

The final started in a very tense manner and it took 5 minutes for either team to settle.  Hartlebury took the lead after some great link up play and St Matthias were then under pressure for the next few minutes.  How we didn't equalize is anyone's guess as we laid siege to the Hartlebury goal only to be denied by the post and stunning goalkeeping. Hartlebury then  moved into their next gear and produced football of the highest level and St Matthias should hold their heads up high regardless of the 4-1 scoreline.

It was a great day for all involved, well done to all.

We then met Gateshead FC at the Service Station smiley

Can you find any of the players that we met?

Follow the following link.

Picture 1

Tuesday 19th January

Girls Indoor Cricket Competition

This afternoon we took a group of keen cricketers up to Dyson Perrins Sports Hall to participate in the Malvern Schools Cricket Competition.  We had a fantastic time playing 'pairs cricket' against 2 very able teams in Somers Park and Powick.

All of our players were amazing throughout the afternoon and even though we didn't win today I know that next year we will be even better smiley  Shanelle was fantastic when fielding and managed 3 superb catches against Somers Park.  There was great bowling from Lois and Jessica as well as super batting from Zoe C and Matilida.

Congratulations to the whole team!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Monday 18th January

Netball and Football Cluster Tournament

We had a very enjoyable time at Dyson Perrins Sports College and our teams produced some fantastic performances.

The Netball team started off a bit shakey but soon found their feet and with Jack dominating the center position it wasn't long until we started putting some fluent moves together.  Jack was supported brilliantly by Jessica and they developed a great partnership.  Very well done to all who were involved and we hope that when we go to the next tournament that we may have grown an extra couple of inches!

The football team continued where they left off and settled quickly into their roles within the team.  We welcomed Tyler S to the squad and he brought that extra flair and edge that could take us to the next level.  This was demonstrated when he scored a phenomenal goal that even Lionel Messi would be proud of.  Well done to Callum for taking on the goalkeeper gloves when Alex was needed in the netball team.  The football team only lost 2 of their 9 games and this stands us in great stead for the final round of fixtures with St Matthias currently holding onto 2nd position.

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This term we have lots of exciting things to look forward to.


Nursery class and Years 5 and 6 will be having PE lessons with The Albion Foundation and will be developing their football and tennis skills.

Years 3 and 4 are lucky to have Jon Hancock from Worcestershire Cricket Club delivering their PE lessons and I am sure that we will all develop new skills throughout the term.

We have also been lucky enough to have been offered tennis coaching to Key Stage 1 this term. Years R, 1 and 2 will all be having specialist coaching delivered in their PE lessons from a Lawn Tennis Association member.

Sports Coach supporting PE lessons


This year we are very lucky to have West Bromwich Albion Sports Coaches helping us deliver top level PE lessons.  Every class will have a specialist coach for a whole term and they will work alongside the class teacher to give our children to the best possible start to PE and sport.


This term Reception class have loved learning all about different ways of moving and are looking forward to using apparatus and balls after half-term.


Years 3 and 4 have also had a lot of fun and are picking up lots of new skills.

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Friday 23rd October


Year 1 and 2 Football at Dyson Perrins


What an exciting way to end the first half-term at school.  We took our team of boys up to Dyson Perrins High School and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon of football.

We managed to win our games against Leigh and Bransford and Somers Park and narrowly lost to St. Joseph's.  Every player represented St. Matthias with pride and demonstrated some fantastic skill.  Well done.

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Friday 16th October

Year 6 West Worcestershire Cross-Country

Well done to all of our Year 6 children who braved the autumn chill to tackle Peachfield Common in the cross country.

Miss Worthington was very proud of all who competed and everyone finished with a smile on their face!

There was a stunning performance from Jack who managed to finish 6th in the elite race to earn himself a place in the Worcestershire County finals. Well done to all involved smiley

Monday 28th September

Under 11 English Schools Football


On a sunny Monday afternoon, 11 talented footballers made the walk from St Matthias to Dyson Perrins School.  Complaining of carrying bags, thoughts of coming home champions were fleeting.  Fast forward 3 hours and St. Matthias U11 football team were making their way up ‘Wembley Way’ to be crowned West Worcestershire champions!

We stormed through the group stage and got to our final match only needing to draw to progress to the final.  St Matthias started on the front foot and attacked with flair and skill, Lewis coming close with a stinging volley.  A decision that baffled the fans was then awarded against St. Matthias and we were 1-0 down in the blink of an eye.  Heroic times were needed and cometh the hour cometh the man.  With 10 seconds left until an early exit, Ryan W curled a spectacular free-kick off the post and bar into the back of the net and St Matthias were in the final!

The final was a tense game against Castlemorton.  There were chances for both teams and great performances from every player.  The dreaded penalty shoot out was needed to decide the champions.  Alecsander produced a great save that gave Ben the honour of scoring the winning penalty for St. Matthias.  A fantastic moment for all involved and we will next be off to compete in the county finals!




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Our Value for this half term is Thankfulness.