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Fundraising 2018-19


Autumn 2018

Food Bank

The School Parliament have chosen to support a local charity 'The Food Bank' for this year's Harvest Festival. They arranged for a Trustee from the Food Bank called Peter Buchanan to talk in a Worship about the work they do at the Food Bank and how they support the local community.

Thank you Peter for the talk it was most interesting and informative.

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Donations for our Harvest Service 18.10.18

St Matthias School Parliament were overwhelmed with the donations for the Food Bank this year. We had everything from the list that was given to us of the shortages at the Food Bank, plus more. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated. We will be delivering the donations on Monday 22nd October 2018.

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Delivering the donations to the Food Bank

On Monday 22nd October, we delivered the food collected from the harvest festival to the Food Bank.

When we arrived we were given trollies which we filled with the donated food.  Mrs Beale took our photograph!

Whilst we were there we put our maths to use and weighed the food.  It came a grand total of 126.89kg.  The volunteers were overjoyed at the results!

A lady showed us the lists of food that they use when they gather the food for their customers.   We also saw a couple of volunteers sorting and dating all the food, to ensure that it doesn’t go out of date.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Food Bank and seeing the Volunteers reaction on their faces at our large delivery of food.

Thank you to everyone for the donations!

Paige and Hannelore Year 6

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