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St Matthias

Church of England Primary School

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Planet Savers

Welcome to Planet Savers!


We are a group of children at St Matthias that helps look after the school grounds whilst doing our best to save our planet.

Mrs. Edmonds leads the group. There are twelve children in the club but we have a committee of Planetsavers which has two representatives from each class.

      In the Autumn term, we took part in 'Switch off Fortnight'. We began by leading an assembly all about saving electricity and gas. We promoted that every year group should switch off devices, (whiteboard, lights etc) and shut doors every time the class left their room.

 Do you know which country uses the most electricity?

Do you know which country produces the most Solar power?

(answers at the bottom of the page.)


 Mrs James stated that through our hard work we have cut the cost of our energy bills.

We posted facts around school. Have you spotted all of them? (10)





Answers to the question above is China





Planet Savers Monday Club


Here are some comments from our team and please look at the photos too.



We turned two of our square beds into colourful mosaics.

We cleared the beds and then put quick set cement onto them. In the one bed, we made footprints out of pebbles and then placed shells around to give the impression of walking on the beach.




 The next square bed, we made a shiny star from beautiful, glass pebbles.

More comments from the Monday night Team!


  We look after all our plants by watering them. This has taken up most of our meetings as we are having very hot weather. We use a hose pipe to water for now but we are expecting a hose pipe ban soon.


by Lily MB



   Micah & Jasper says:


  Everybody should take part to look after plants in our school and homes.




Our bug city in Early Years Foundation Stage.


            Bug city 

The younger children in the school will be filling all the holes with twigs and leaves to encourage insects and bugs to make their homes. This will give them more safety as their homes will not be destroyed.

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