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Internet Safety Day

Thank you very much to PC Cowan who visited Years 5 and 6 today to talk about how to keep themselves, their friends and their family safe online.

Year 6 came up with some tips to reinforce this message;

  • If someone is being mean, tell an adult
  • Don't publish personal details about yourself
  • Don't be a nerd - have a password!
  • Don't put on photos you don't want everyone to see
  • Report things that are not good
  • Put your privacy settings onto 'just friends'
  • Don't share your passwords
  • Don't put your phone number onĀ 
  • Set your password to something you remember
  • Don't trust anyone unless you know them to be your friend
  • Pause before you post
  • Don't put on your identity or personal info for everyone to share
  • Use a nickname - and not your real name
  • Don't say anything mean
  • Choose the website you go on carefully
  • Don't meet up with people you don't know
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Our Value for this half term is Peace.