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St Matthias

Church of England Primary School

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GLOW Maths Primary Mathematics Teaching and Research Group

This year we are  very excited to be accepted as a Teaching Research Group for Mathematics organised by our local Glow Maths Hub. Each Work Group will be led by one of the Maths Hub’s Mastery Specialists,   and involve six local primary schools. During the year, we will work closely together to  develop approaches to teaching for mastery. The Work Group activity will include:

  • Each school has identified two teachers to lead developments within their own school.  In St Matthias this will be Mrs Cope and Miss Rowland.  

  • Mrs Cope and Miss Rowland will be working together with the Mastery Specialist and teachers from the other Work Group schools in half-termly Teacher Research Group (TRG) meetings and through an online community

  • We will receive a termly support visit from the Mastery Specialist to observe teaching, support in-school TRGs, and work with the lead teachers and head teacher

  • Mrs Cullerne will be  working with the Maths Hub leadership and other Work Group school head teachers to develop whole school policies and structures to support teaching for mastery

  • Mrs Cope and Miss Rowland, supported by Mrs Cullerne will be working with the teachers and teaching assistants to develop teaching for mastery approaches in the classroom, supported by professional development activity including TRG methods.

WE are all very excited about being part of the group as we have a passion for mathematics in St Matthias and are always looking for further ways to improve our teaching and learning opportunities.

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