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Church of England Primary School

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Friday 5th June

Year 3 and 4 participated in an excellent workshop on Friday 5th June as part of their Rivers topic, connected to the River Nile and the River Severn.

Three volunteers from the Canal & River Trust came in for the day and delivered two sessions focussing upon Water Safety and ‘How to build Canals’.

The ‘Water Safety’ session reminded children how to keep safe around water. The key phrase children were taught was ‘Stay Away From the Edge’ (SAFE). They thought about what makes water dangerous (namely them!) and how they can keep themselves safe.

The ‘How to build Canals’ session focussed on the history of canal building and the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ these structures were built.

The workshops and volunteers were excellent and staff were pleased to have this timely reminder to children about how to keep safe around water, especially with the Summer holidays fast approaching and possible trips to the seaside, rivers, canals and lakes.

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