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Friday 26th June

Well, what an amazing day Year 3 and 4 had today! The children went to Worcester to visit the Diglis Basin and River Severn and ended the day by watching the Great Britain Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team play Japan.

To round up the topic on Rivers and to compliment the visit from the Canals Trust the other week, the children visited Diglis Basin, looked at the Narrow boats and locks and chatted about how and why locks were used. After that, they walked along the River bank until they came to the 'Flood wall' where it showed them how high the River’s waters can flood. They were quite amazed! Last year was one of the highest! They then continued to stroll along the River looking at its many features and all the swans. 

Once they had finished lunch, they went to the University Arena and took their seats ready for the match. The wheelchair basketball match was really exciting and Great Britain beat Japan by about 10 points. They did lots of chanting, ‘let’s go, GB, let’s go!’ as well as lots of dancing and, generally, making as much noise as they could! Following a Happy Birthday rendition by the audience, players and staff for Charlie, the children then met four of the GB men's team players who autographed their clappers. Wow!

So all in all a fabulous trip and we hope that some of you may take the opportunity to go and watch the European Championships which are being held on August 28th through to September 6th at the University Arena.

Finally, a big thank you to the children as their behaviour and enthusiasm was impeccable plus they remembered what they had learnt about how to keep SAFE (Stay Away From the Edge!) by the water.

Well done Year 3 and 4!

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