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Diary entry - based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Dear Diary,


This morning I woke up shivering, feeling like a freezing draft creeped up from underneath the creaking door. The wind pushed straight through me like a sharp knife. Every time I moved, the wind hit me, cutting straight through my body.


I begged myself to get up. I just couldn’t. I felt weary and dizzy. I didn’t know where I was even going. I poked one foot out of the cover and it felt like I was in the middle of the Arctic. I slowly lifted my body up but I fell back down again. I pushed myself up one more time, and I was up. I raced to find my clothes. I was like a cheetah, in less than a minute I got dressed.


Mum was standing by the table putting some old margarine on my half of a stale piece of toast. I ate it so quickly it didn’t even feel like I had ate it. I was that hungry!


I left half an hour earlier, so I could get to school on time. I felt icy cold. When I got to Wonka’s Factory I walked a bit slower. I stared at the mysterious buildings. I smelt all of the rich aroma coming out of the belching chimneys. I wish I could have stayed there all day but I had to go to school so I just carried on walking in the freezing, crunchy snow.


After that long cold journey, I arrived at school. I heard everyone screaming, running around and having snow ball fights. I didn’t want to do all that fun stuff I was too exhausted for that, I needed to keep my energy. I worried that if I had gone out to play I would have fallen over and my legs would be shaking. I felt so lonely.


At lunch time, I only had half a potato and that was not enough for me. I felt really, really ravenous.


At the end of another long day, I started walking home. Everyone was putting their chin in their coats and their hands in their pockets. I saw a glint of silver in the white snow. I couldn’t believe it. It was a fifty pence piece! I couldn’t keep my excitement in. No one was looking so I picked up the shiny treasure as fast as I could.


I ran like the wind to get to the nearest shop. One minute later I was in the shop. I could feel my legs tingling from running in the deep show. I said to the shop keeper “Um, um can I have a Wonkas Whipple Scrumptious Fudge Mallow Delight please?” He took his time to get it. I think it was because he didn’t know how hungry I was and maybe because he was a little fat, but when he gave me the bar I stuffed it in my mouth as fast as I could. It was amazing! I could feel the smooth chocolate melting on my tongue. In less than 20 seconds, I had finished my chocolate bar. I thought for a second and decided it wouldn’t hurt me to have another one.


I asked the shop keeper if I could have another bar because I enjoyed the other one so much. This time I opened it, a little slower, I couldn’t really see anything until I opened the left hand corner and I spotted something very shiny inside. I didn’t know what it was. My heart was beating as though it was in a race because it was a golden ticket! I didn’t realise until the shopkeeper shouted to me “That’s it! That’s the golden ticket! That’s, that’s the last one!”


For a few seconds it felt like my heart stopped beating and I was about to faint. I had a little smile on my face because I was still in shock.

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