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St Matthias

Church of England Primary School

Aspire Believe Achieve

Year Three and Year Four

The Holy Spirit

Within the love there spread hope,

Within the hope there springs power,

Within the power there beats a heart.


Within the goodness there sings kindness,

Within the kindness there walks faithfulness,

Within the faithfulness there grows joy.


Casey  Year 4


Whatever you are like

Whatever you do

The Holy Spirit is with you.


Whatever you say

Whatever you like

The Holy Spirit is with you


Believe in God

Believe in Jesus

Then you will have the Holy Spirit


Wash away your sins

Forget about the past

Become a new person and then you will last


Be gentle

Be kind

Be good.


Jayden Year 4





Severn Valley Railway trip

Severn Valley Railway trip 1
Severn Valley Railway trip 2
Severn Valley Railway trip 3
Severn Valley Railway trip 4

World War II trip to Severn Valley Railway

Making War time Jam Tarts

History resources

Summer Term


Welcome back to the Summer Term. We are learning about World War II this term. 

Look out for all of the exciting things we have planned on our Learning Plan.

Year 4 World War II Learning Plan

Spring 2018 Welcome Back


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back for the Spring Term and we hope that you all had a lovely Christmas.


This term is going to be action packed with learning: we are going to focus on "The Rainforest". Later on in the term, we will be enjoying a visit from the Animal Man. 

Rainforest LTP Year 4

Design and Technology

Morgan Factory visit

On Thursday 16th November Year 3 and 4 went to The Morgan Factory in Malvern Link.

Here is what Kylan wrote about it.


This week Year 3 and 4 went to the Morgan factory. First, the men introduced themselves as Mike, Kevin and Robert. We got in to groups and my group got Robert. They showed us a film about the handmade cars, Morgan cars and the races the Morgan cars did. Next we went into many different garages. The first one we went in had really cool Morgan cars. We had to pick our favourite car. I went for a red sport Morgan car here are all the cars.

There was another sport Morgan car in blue, a green classic Morgan car and a car that they are never going to make again: a four seater Morgan car. Normally, they only make two seaters but this was a four seater. Lucas was really lucky and got to sit in the blue sport Morgan car. It was so funny because when Lucas got in thought it was a high seater so he stopped sitting up and fell down so hard: it was so funny.
Next we went into another garage. In this one there were half built cars with BMW engines in Morgan cars. Later we moved on to the other garage with people building the Morgan cars using wood, aluminium and leather. The people gave us a piece of seat leather and a bit of the wood; on the wood was a stamp of a Morgan car. Finally, we visited the museum where there was a £7000 kid Morgan car, other fully built cars and lots of historic pictures and things about the cars.

Kylan Yr 4.

Morgan Factory

Parent Engagement

Thank you to all of the parents who were able to join Year 3 and 4 in their Design and technology project and a big thank you to all of the recycling we were donated for this event. We definitely needed it.


Here is what Jayden had to say about the event.


On Thursday 23rd November, Years 3 and 4 invited their parents to come in and make model cars. Year 3 did theirs in the morning and Year 4 in the afternoon. When the parents had arrived they had to go to a table with their child. The children knew what they had to do. First we had to cut four pieces of wood, there were two different lengths, 20 cm and 10cm. When we had cut them to size, we glued them together and then the teacher stapled the corners to make sure it was secure. Then we were ready to put the wheels on, but before that we had to stick four triangles to the corners to put the wheels through the triangles. Now we could put the features onto the vehicles. The parents were a bit frustrated because they couldn’t find a way to put the details on. It took the parents and children a long time to make their cars. But everyone greatly enjoyed the workshops.

By Jayden.




Year 3 and 4 - Welcome to the Autumn Term!


We hope that you've all had a good summer and are raring to go! 

Our first topic of the year is called "Back To The Future" and centres around the inventions that resulted in the world we know today. If you want a more holistic view of what we will be covering this year, then refer to the links below.


Here are a few notes for your information:

Reading - We would like children to read at least three times a week and school reading books to be brought in everyday, with Reading Records. 

Spelling Journals- Must be brought to school everyday.

PE Kits - Need to be in school everyday as our PE days can change at any time. Please ensure all kit is named, including pumps, and that you check pumps for size regularly. We will send PE kits home at the end of each half term. Please make sure that all ties and t-shirts are named as well, to reduce any mishap.


We look forward to getting to know you all better, in the lead up to Christmas.


Please don't hesitate to come and talk to us.

Mr Miller (Year 3), Mr Brown (Year 4) and Mrs Cope (Year 4).

3 6 3 8 7 Visitors
Our Value for this half term is Friendship.