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St Matthias

Church of England Primary School

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Planet Savers

Welcome to Planet Savers!


Here we try to help the environment. We have a Planet Savers Club that meets every Monday after school with Mrs.Edmonds, Mrs.Hodgkins and Mr. Miller. Each class also has two elected Planet Saver Representatives to help share our messages!


Last February we presented a Planet Savers Assembly to raise awareness of what we, as a whole school, need to do to protect our local and world environment.



Planet Savers Assembly


Sophie: Good morning everyone,

We are the Planet Savers. Let us tell you what our name stands for:


P – Abigail

L – Sophie

A - Jonah

N - Micah

E - Isabelle Logan

T - Jade 


S – Freddie Bookham

A – Chloe PW

V - Filip

E - Logan

R - Lily M

S - Tia PW




We have secretly been checking every classroom at lunchtimes to see how responsible we are with saving electric and looking after our planet. We checked to see if the smart boards were turned off, lights turned off, doors shut and if the windows were shut.


Our findings are:



  • We have very hard working staff as they stay in the classrooms working at lunchtime


  • Smart boards were turned off


  • Most classroom lights were turned off if nobody was there.



  • However, one class was the worst because lights were left on and the outside door left open BUT it was not the teachers’ fault as the lunchtime supervisors and children who eat their sandwiches in there were the last to leave.




We now know that we need to remind all of you children (and lunchtime supervisors) that it is really important that lights and smart boards are turned off and that doors are shut when the classrooms are empty.


Well done to all St. Matthias as we are doing a good job but we can still do even better.


Kian and Khalid will now tell you what we plan to do:


(Green/red light bulb activity)



Micah, Logan D, Jade will now share some other things you can think about doing.




Here are some posters to remind you to help save the planet.




Callum and Jay


Let us pray


Let us pray for: trees, plants, crops, and forests.

Let us pray for: water, oceans, rivers, streams and ponds.

Let us pray for: air, wind, climate and weather.

Let us pray for: sun, clean energy and prevention of global warming.

Let us pray for: animals, especially endangered species.

Let us pray for: humankind.

Let us pray for: recycling and reducing waste.

Let us pray for: proper use of chemicals and the disposal of toxic waste.

Let us pray for: Earth and unity.








Planet Savers Monday Club


Here are some comments from our team and please look at the photos too.


I have been shovelling up dirt from the pond. We also found a newt and now we are trying to keep it alive. We were breaking sticks and putting them in white bags [we did that to clear up the garden]. We raked up some leaves. I really enjoy Planet Savers!


By Filip Lechev.

Planet Savers Monday Night Club

More comments from the Monday night Team!


At planit savers we cleend owt the pond we brooc stics.

And put leevs from the pond ihav fun.

From Freddiem



We found newts.  We do posters.        Jasper 



We found a frog and a newt and some potatoes. We broke sticks to tidy the garden area.






We found a newt and a frog. We found some potatoes near the pond because some one decided to dig. We broke sticks too and put them in bags because we were tidying the garden. We also planted some onions in some pots.









And more!


We dig for potatoes.

We got sticks out the wai.

Riley handy

Monday Club Night Photos

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Our Value for this half term is COMPASSION