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St Matthias

Church of England Primary School

Aspire Believe Achieve

Our Curriculum

It is expected that every state-funded school offers a curriculum which is;

  • balanced 
  • promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society
  • prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life


At St. Matthias our curriculum is made up of all the learning and other experiences planned for its pupils.


We are very proud of our new St. Matthias curriculum and the exciting opportunities it affords all of our children.


When developing our curriculum we took account of the National Curriculum, which was revised for September 2013.


Please use the link below to have a look at our school curriculum.  I have also included a link to the National Curriculum. This document sets out the framework for the National Curriculum at Key Stages 1 and 2 and includes the programmes of study for all the national curriculum subjects taught at these Key Stages.

The Jigsaw Charts below give an easy to read summary of the National Curriculum expectations for for each year group.
The following documents from Rising Stars are information guides about the National Curriculum, specially written for parents.

End of Year Expectations for Reading, Writing and Mathematics


The booklets below provide information for parents and carers on the end of year expectations for children in our school. The National Curriculum outlines these expectations as being the minimum requirements your child must meet in order to ensure continued progress.


All the objectives will be worked on throughout the year and will be the focus of direct teaching. Any extra support you can provide in helping your children to achieve these is greatly valued.


If you have any queries regarding the content of these booklets or want support in knowing how best to help your child, please talk to your child’s teacher.

Successful Learners
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At St. Matthias we are excited about learning!


We understand that children learn in different ways; by seeing, hearing, feeling, doing, and that for learning to be effective it has to be memorable. Our skilled and enthusiastic members of staff provide many rich and exciting learning opportunities to inspire and challenge our pupils. As a result our pupils are engaged in their learning and can tell you what they need to do next in order to improve further.


We teach our children to apply the skills they learn in one subject to other areas of the curriculum so skills are practiced and not forgotten! Pupils are always encouraged to reach their full academic potential.


At St. Matthias we strongly believe in the importance of literacy and numeracy skills. Our aim is for all children to leave St. Matthias able to:


  • express themselves clearly and confidently
  • listen intelligently
  • take pleasure in reading
  • write fluently 
  • be proficient in calculating, measuring and estimating


To achieve this we have introduced a new, dynamic curriculum supported by exciting up- to-date resources. English and Mathematics are taught in the morning as a matter of priority with pupils of all ability levels benefiting from opportunities to work in small groups to extend thinking and develop skills.

Confident Individuals
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At St. Matthias we want to give all our children the chance to succeed.

We offer a broad, balanced curriculum to all our pupils, designed to accommodate the needs of all learners. Our curriculum builds upon prior learning and expects our learners to:


  • ​play an active part in their own learning
  • take appropriate responsibility for their own learning
  • persevere when challenged


Through our curriculum we aim to make learning an exciting, enjoyable and stimulating experience. Cross curricular links are developed where appropriate.


Lessons cover a range of subjects to include:








Design and Technology (DT)


French (KS 2)


Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE)

                            Religious Education (RE)


At St. Matthias we are determined to bring learning alive and take every opportunity to enrich our curriculum with school trips; to museums, places of worship, the library and even a sewage farm to give a few examples. We are also fortunate to be able to welcome adults with specialist skills or interesting stories to tell from time to time. The children learn a lot from these sessions which are always highly enjoyable.


Responsible Citizens



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At St. Matthias we aim high for all our pupils!

We attach great importance to the development of our pupils’ social skills and manners as we want to empower all to build successful relationships with other children and adults and to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. We work hard to ensure all our children feel good about themselves, make responsible choices and acquire a high level of self-esteem.


We know  that if  you  feel successful, you will achieve success!


We are very proud of our School Parliament  who have an impact on our school. Each year representatives are  elected from Year 6 to run our the School Parliament for the year. Two representatives are then chosen by each class from Years 1-5 to be our Class Representatives. These children meet regularly throughout the year to discuss issues and topics that are important to the children and our school community. They consult with their classmates and report back on decisions. In this way, our pupils have been able to take an active role in introducing and supporting school improvement.


4 6 8 8 2 Visitors
Our Value for this half term is Koinonia (community): an association of people who share common beliefs.