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St Matthias

Church of England Primary School

Aspire Believe Achieve

Early Years Foundation Stage:Year N and Year R

Welcome to our Early Years Unit

St. Andrew's Day

Thursday 30th November

Early Years have been learning all about St. Andrew's Day today. We found out why Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and found Scotland on a map. We made shortbread, created tartan patterns using vehicles and created our own Scottish collage flags.                                      🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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We are all becoming confident and independent learners in the Early Years.  We are so proud of our children and they amaze us every day with their learning, creations and kindness.  Have a look at some of the photos to see some of the learning that we have engaged with in the Early Years.

Handwashing Lesson

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Today we welcomed Jen, our Malvern School Nurse into our Reception Class.  The children were very excited to have a visitor and listened beautifully to what she had to say about germs and washing our hands. We then sang happy birthday to her 2 rabbits as it was their birthday.  This is the song that we need to sing twice when washing all the germs off our hands! Every child then got to put their hands under a special light that showed off the germs before we washed them.  We then checked them again and we are pleased to say that our hands were nice and clean smiley

Picture 1


This week we are learning all about Elmer the Elephant and his adventures with his friends and cousin, Wilbur. 

Elmer is helping the children in the Early Years learn about our new sound 'e' as well as exploring colours.  We are having lots of fun designing our own Elmer using the coloured multilink, developing our fine motor skills by using tweezers to pick up coloured pom poms, creating Elmer collages in the creative area and developing our pencil control by colouring in Elmer colouring pictures.

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Remembrance Day

Early Years have been learning all about Remembrance Day at school.  We have found out why we wear poppies and have listened to and thought about Flanders Field.  We then chose to make our own poppies using collage resources, paint and junk modelling.  Our children were very reflective and said "We wear poppies to remember people in the war" and " the picture looks like the man is looking at the cross like Jesus". What do you think about when you see the following picture?

Picture 1

Tuesday 17th October

Harvest Festival

Today we had great fun making a scarecrow to take to our Harvest Festival at St. Matthias Church.  Our children were very brave taking up the apples and pears that we collected yesterday on our trip to the farm. Also, an amazing well done to Elsie and Lily who stood up in front of the whole school to sing and show the actions to 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow'. 

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Monday 16th October

Class Trip to Clive's Fruit Farm


Reception children have had an amazing day out at Clive's Fruit Farm today where we collected lots of ginormous pears and apples for our Harvest Festival.

The children were all very excited to come into school ready for their first ever school trip and loved being "really high" in the coach.  We had some snack when we got to the farm and then searched for the 'biggest', 'heaviest' and 'funniest' apples and pears that we could find.  After this big job we went and had our lunch together before exploring the park...Max even shared his pastry from his sausage roll with a hen!  We were then given lots of old apples and pears to feed the pigs and hens and it was "amazing" to see the pigs getting very excited.  Finally, we went on a lovely walk in the woods and loved hunting for the Gruffalo and Trolls under the bridge before we dragged our tired bodies onto the coach for the journey home.

It was a privilege to be out of school with the children as they had such a lovely, fun-filled day whilst behaving impeccably.

Well done and thank you!
Mr Salmon

Thursday 12th October

'Our Senses' Stay and Play


We had a great morning with our families in the Early Years Unit.  It was amazing to see the children share their learning with so many family members and we had so much fun.  It was great to see the children taste so many different foods, even olives! We also had fun painting with smelly paint, smelling pots, balancing with a blindfold, making playdough, enjoying spaghetti play and lots more.

Thank you for all of your support, your children really appreciate it smiley

W/C 9th October 2017

Science Week

Keeping Fit and Healthy


This week was Science Week at St. Matthias CE Primary School and we have been learning about staying healthy.  We have learnt all about healthy eating, exercise, looking after our teeth and being happy.  The children really enjoyed seeing how germs travel by investigating what happens when you have glitter on your hands.  We also voted for our favourite fruit in the Early Years and we all made a tasty smoothie. There were lots of different activities going on so please make sure you ask your child what they have been learning about.

PE in the Early Years



We love to learn all about movement and balance in PE. This term we have been lucky enough to have specialists from The Albion Foundation support us and one of our favourite activities was moving like a rabbit and frog.

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Wednesday 4th October

No Pens Day!


Today is a national 'No Pens Day' and our Early Years children have joined in with the challenge. We have focused our day on The Little Red Hen and have loved retelling the story using Talk4Writing skills.  We have developed our oracy skills by telling the story and by having more time for the children to talk to each other.  The children have loved playing with the wheat, mastering their fine motor skills whilst searching for barley in the sand and being creative to make their own picture of a red hen.  Well done to all involved!

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We are working really hard on our oracy skills and story telling.  The 3 Little Pigs is one of our favourites.
Picture 1
Please read our newsletters to find out what we are doing this term.
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Our new Early Years Unit is open and it is a pleasure to be the manager of this exciting venture.  We have an amazing group of staff who are all very qualified as well as having years of experience in the Early Years.  

The children have really loved accessing all of the activities, resources and space that our new unit supplies and we have already noticed how much their learning and independence is coming on. We have set learning times in our Nursery and Reception class and then free-flow learning opportunities in the morning and afternoon for an hour. During the free-flow times staff members will have set tasks to do with the children that will be aimed appropriately at every individual child. Due to this, every children will be encouraged to fulfill their potential.

Please talk to a member of staff if you have any questions and I am always free to talk to you smiley

Mr Salmon


Dates for your diary

Monday 25th September – School photographer in

W/C Monday 9th October -  School Science Week

Thursday 12th October – Early Years ‘My Senses’ Stay and Play.  Please stay with us when you bring your child in

Monday 16th October –  Reception Class trip to Clive’s Fruit Farm for Harvest collection

Tuesday 17th October 1.30pm – Harvest Festival at St. Matthias Church

Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th October – Parents Evening

Friday 20th October – School closes for half term

A very warm welcome back to all of our Early Years families; we hope you have had an amazing and relaxing summer together and have returned raring to go in our new Early Years setting. 


Reception Information


Here are a few notes for your information:

Reading - book change is available on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure that your child brings their book folder in every day so that they can read in school and to bring home important letters.

Your child will soon be bringing home a phonics book that will have our daily sounds that we are learning in them.  Please work through this book with your child every night and bring it into school everyday to be marked and updated.


PE Kits - need to be in school every day as our PE days can change at any time. Please ensure all kit is named, including pumps, and that you check pumps for size regularly. We will send PE kits home at the end of each half term.

This half-term the Reception children will be having PE on a Thursday with the Albion Foundation Coach.

Useful Websites

The Number Rock

A lively song that helps the children with their counting and number recogntion.

Jolly Phonics Songs in ORDER! Letters and Sounds อนุบาล British Early Years Centre mov

We learn our letters and sounds through Jolly Phonics and these songs are one of the ways that we remember what the letters look like.

Please look at the file below to look at the rhymes that we are learning at school to help us write our numbers using the correct formation.
2 0 4 9 8 Visitors
Our Value for this term is RESPECT